The Floating Wind Technology Company


An Exciting New Enterprise in Floating Offshore Wind

We founded a new Company, entirely dedicated to supporting offshore wind developers and OEMs with their new engineering challenges, and to commercializing innovation.

We are helping various groups develop a new set of solutions that will help lower development and installation costs of floating offshore wind.

If you are interested in being a part of this exciting opportunity and working for our organizations, do not hesitate to contact us.

We will be seeking engineers passionate about hydro-aero-elastic simulations and design of offshore wind turbine systems.  Experience in reinforced and prestressed concrete is welcome.

SpiderFLOAT Gaining Traction

In the last year or so, I have developed SpiderFLOAT (patent pending), an innovative, ultra-compliant, slender floating substructure for offshore wind turbines (see e.g., here).

The goal of this disruptive innovation in Floating Offshore Wind technology is to enable a greater market share of offshore wind energy, ultimately strengthening and diversifying the array of domestic energy sources available to Americans. The U.S. DOE has supported this concept with a Technology Commercialization Fund to bring the SpiderFLOAT to a wave basin testing facility, which will help verify initial assumptions of the hydrodynamic parameters and simulation results. This effort is also generously aided by Equinor, the world’s leading floating offshore wind developer to date.

¬†ARPA-E’s ATLANTIS program has now selected SpiderFLOAT for further R&D to help bring this concept closer to market. SpiderFLOAT promises to reduce floating offshore wind LCOE below 60$/MWh.

My colleagues Senu Sirnivas and Fabian Wendt contributed to the numerical analyses and support of the SpiderFLOAT concept.

We greatly appreciate the U.S. DOE’s Office of Technology Transition and ARPA-E for believing in this new design and helping us promote the technology.

Go SpiderFLOAT, developed in America for America!

Back in Business

After almost 10 years at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, we are excited to be back, and ready to serve the wind and other industry stakeholders to achieve their goals.

We are supporting certification efforts, new aeroelastic code development, new rotor designs, downwind and upwind turbines, prestressed concrete foundations, floating platforms, airborne wind and more!