About Us

Rick Damiani


Dr. Rick Damiani is a licensed engineer in the State of Colorado, with expertise in Aero-structural design, Mechanical design and analysis, and structural dynamics.

Dr. Damiani is an expert in the specialized field of wind engineering and fluid dynamics. He has published more than 30 peer-reviewed articles spanning various aspects of wind technology development and energy R&D.

Rick has spent 20 years in the wind industry and has been involved in the development of more than 500MW of wind power projects, in new product development, offshore wind turbine design, composite design, systems engineering and optimization, small wind turbine design and testing, as well as structural engineering.

Dr. Damiani is the inventor of SpiderFLOAT, a revolutionary concept for floating wind turbines.
Dr. Damiani holds B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Aeronautical Engineering.

Max Franchi


Dr. Franchi is one of the most brilliant structural engineers you may come across. He is well-renowned in Europe and  collaborates with RRD Engineering on a number of different projects, and offers his expertise in mechanical and civil engineering. Under his belt are design projects of highway bridges, shopping centers, warehouses, and airport hangars. He holds B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees in Aeronautical Engineering, and a special Honor Degree in fluid-dynamics from the Von Karman Institute, Belgium.

Keith Hansen


Mr. Hansen has vast experience in many projects spanning across mechanical, electrical, concrete, and steel fabrication for civil and structural construction projects. He has been involved in the design, construction and installation of meteorological towers, telecommunication towers, remote weather stations, well and pipeline systems, heavy construction machinery and tooling. Mr. Hansen is an expert MIG welder, and holds a Trade-DeVry Certificate in Electric and Electronics, and has received OSHA training in safety and risk avoidance.