RRD Engineering helps clients develop new and effective solutions to a large gamut of problems in the realm of wind power, mechanical engineering, and aeronautical engineering.

We take on new designs as well as validation analyses of pre-existing projects.

Our experience spans across: aeroleastic design, composite structural tayloring, FEA stress analysis, load assessment, performance assessment, feasibility studies, and structural engineering. Our background includes both numerical and physical modeling, encompassing field testing, data collection and analysis. The staff professional qualifications are internationally recognized in the field of aerodynamics, wind power, and atmospheric sciences.

The spectrum of our clients ranges from architectural firms interested in structural analyses, to private parties involved in the construction of small mechanical devices; from wind farm developers to wind turbine manufacturers.

In the realm of Small Wind Turbines, we carry out field tests for R&D as well as for SWCC/AWEA certification purposes. Check out the NCWTC for more information.

While keeping focus on our clients' needs and satisfaction, we customize our reports on an individual basis to insure the immediate applicability of our solutions.

No matter what your project involves, we will build a portfolio of deliverables and a team of experts to help you reach your goal in the most efficient and economic way.

We look forward to working with you.